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50 Healthy Distractions You Can Start Today

50 Healthy Distractions You Can Start Today

MichaelSunnarborg / July 23, 2019 Article, Image, Link / Leave a Comment

Distracted enough? I thought so.

Seriously. With the onslaught of information, links, videos, emails, text messages, and everyone competing for our attention, we’re lucky if we can get through our to-do lists each day.

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like our lives just keep getting busier. And how do we know which of our distractions are adding to our happiness or draining our energy tank?

Simple. We start paying attention to what we pay attention to. And based on how our choices are manifesting in our experiences, we can choose again.

As a self-proclaimed Relentless Optimist, I’ve developed a momentum of chronic positivity—a condition I picked up from my Mom, who learned from her Dad, etc. And one of the biggest influences on our sense of balance and clarity is how our health is being reflected back to us through our habits.

Part of creating healthy habits is being willing to try new things. My friend Teresa Thomas started a fantastic project for her 50th birthday a few years ago called 50 Fun Things—workshops to help people brainstorm 50 things to restore fun and spontaneity in their lives.

In the spirit of 50 Fun Things, consider these 50 healthy distractions that you can use to rekindle your spark and shift your positive momentum. Notice which of them jump out at you first and put those on your to-do list:

  1. Start a journal
  2. Watch a sunset
  3. Move more
  4. Eat less
  5. Cancel your cable TV
  6. Watch a black & white movie
  7. Wear your favorite outfit
  8. Stop stinkin’ thinkin’
  9. Meditate in the morning
  10. Be kind to a stranger
  11. Smile at a baby
  12. Listen to your favorite music
  13. Read food labels
  14. Drink more water
  15. Stop beating yourself up
  16. Offer help to someone
  17. Ask for forgiveness
  18. Take the next step
  19. Travel somewhere new
  20. Get out of your head
  21. Pet a dog or cat
  22. Look at the stars
  23. Sit under a tree
  24. Get a massage
  25. Take a really deep breath
  26. Do that one thing you’ve been avoiding
  27. Send your Mom a card or a thought
  28. Thank your Dad (or send grateful thoughts)
  29. Tell a friend that you appreciate them
  30. Get out of the house
  31. Go for a drive
  32. Turn right instead of left
  33. Get lost and enjoy it
  34. Call an old friend for no reason
  35. Ask someone out to lunch
  36. Attend a Meetup that interests you
  37. Create a Meetup that interests you
  38. Write a blog article
  39. Take pictures with your phone and share them
  40. Change the color of the sheets on your bed
  41. Buy a new pillow
  42. Rearrange a room in your house
  43. Buy a gift for someone else
  44. Put down your phone
  45. Give a friend your full attention
  46. Tell people you love them (when you do)
  47. Eat something new that changes your face
  48. Drink something new and feel the taste on your tongue
  49. Read something new and apply it to your life
  50. Make a list of 50 things to do for yourself

Now do #44, #50, and have fun!

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg is a career coach, best-selling author, and founder of The White Box Club™—live coaching and resources for people in career transition. Find his syndicated blogs on Thrive Global, Medium, and The Huffington Post. Learn more at michaelcreative.com

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