I am so grateful to be doing my life’s work: Helping people find clarity and balance in all areas of life. I provide guidance to a wide variety of people and organizations through writing, speaking and coaching.

In addition to a series of best-selling books, I have the privilege of being a regular contributor to The Huffington Post—and in 2015, I founded The White Box Club™, a Meetup that provides free support and resources for people in career transition.

Connect with me and sign-up for occasional nuggets of inspiration from my Blog Bits on the Contact page. Let’s help each other get through this journey of life!

“Michael is a unique and electrifying individual who brings a refreshing approach to the corporate world. He has figured out how to balance life, work, and spirituality, and can convey that to others in such a way that after a brief conversation with him one also feels more balanced. Michael is making a difference in this fast-paced, complicated world. By interacting with him you’ll be inspired to do the same.”

– Bob Manning, CEO, Global Perspective

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