I always knew that I had a heart for helping others. And after many years of traveling and writing down my stories, insights, and lessons learned, I published a series of best-selling books about finding better balance in our work, relationships, and life. Read more about my story here.

As a certified health & wellness coach, learning & development leader, author and inspirational speaker, I’ve helped thousands to reconnect with themselves and live their best life—especially during transitions—and I’m ready to do that for you, too. Do what I love; love what I do. Three best words to describe me: Affable, Alacrity, Apophenia.

In addition to my books, I have the privilege of being a regular contributor to Thrive Global, Medium, and The Huffington Post—and in 2015, I founded The White Box Club®, a Meetup that provides live coaching sessions and resources for people in career transition.

Working with me will bring you clarity, direction, and balance along your career and life paths. Ready to connect? Schedule a FREE 30-minute chat with me, or send me a note on my Contact page. Let’s help each other to create the careers and lives we truly want!

“Michael is a unique and electrifying individual who brings a refreshing approach to the corporate world. He has figured out how to balance life, work, and spirituality, and can convey that to others in such a way that after a brief conversation with him one also feels more balanced. Michael is making a difference in this fast-paced, complicated world. By interacting with him you’ll be inspired to do the same.”

– Bob Manning, CEO, Global Perspective

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