Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

The White Box Club®

Coaching & Resources for Career Transition

What is the White Box Club®?

The White Box Club®—appropriately named after the daunting white boxes many employees receive to “pack up their things”—was created to provide live coaching sessions, encouragement, and resources to anyone laid off, unemployed, or in career transition. Webinars and in-person meetings feature top-notch coaches and industry experts sharing their best insider tips and “golden nuggets” of wisdom and inspiration in an optimistic and encouraging environment.

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Find The White Box Club®

  • Free webinars and monthly in-person meetings
  • Topics include traditional focus: resume, interviewing, networking—as well as support for YOU: building clarity, confidence, and courage
  • Packaged in an optimistic and encouraging environment!

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The White Box Club Handbook was written to provide hope, encouragement, and inspiration to anyone in a career transition. Join career coach Michael Thomas Sunnarborg as he shares stories, simple tools, and exercises designed to help you know yourself, clarify your direction, and align yourself to your ideal career.

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Guest Speakers, Resources & Support

Anyone interested in being a guest speaker or willing to provide resources or support can contact The White Box Club® facilitators at info@thewhiteboxclub.com

Member Feedback

“I recently landed a fantastic job, and the relationships and recommendations from The White Box Club® had a great deal to do with it. I believe it’s proof that what they’re providing and the network I’ve been building works!” – Tammy, Member

“The White Box Club® offers the best of both worlds: personal touches and connections of a small group while offering the bigger opportunities of a large group. Through TWBC, I’ve been able to establish connections I once thought unreachable through people and places I’d never considered before.” Elliott, Statistician & Member

“The White Box Club® meetings were relevant, helpful, and enjoyable. That, along with the other measures I took really helped me become clear on what I was looking for, helped me speak to it and what I bring to the table, as well as network and meet new people.” – Brett, Member

“Interesting, intelligent, comfortable.” – Richard, Member

“The guest speakers’ knowledge on the subject matter was top notch. The lessons learned will definitely help me market myself better with my resume and social media profiles. Thanks for being there as a resource.” – David, Member

“This is a great group to meet new people, make new friends, learn from others and ultimately better prepare you to network, pitch your brand and land the job that meets your needs.” – Mark, Member

“The White Box Club® is a great resource for professional development, networking, and a great social outlet for those in career transition.” – Brenda, Member

“I LOVE this group! And Michael creates an environment that’s positive, uplifting, and optimistic. I feel better after every meeting.” Mary, Member

“I want to thank you for your support and shared wisdom. Along with the support of others, it has helped sustain my confidence and spirits through this process.” – Adam, Member

“Thank you so very much for what you are doing with The White Box Club®. I just landed a position doing exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. The White Box Club came at such a perfect time in my journey, so I can’t thank you enough!” – Timothy, Member

“Thank you to Michael and the entire team behind The White Box Club®. This group has magic, and it’s wonderful to know there are other people that have had the same challenges and upsets. This group was available just when I needed it.” – Pam, Member

“Michael has one of the most interactive and well-organized Meetups I’ve seen—and I’ve been to many, many Meetups.” – Soma, Member