Coming from a background in professional acting and teaching, keynotes by Michael are designed to engage, enlighten, and educate. Through his sharing of stories and nuggets of practical wisdom, Michael gently guides his audience along the path to finding better balance and happiness regardless of where they are on their journey. His messages provide inspiration and guidance to corporate executives, employees, educators, high school and college students, entrepreneurs, and more.

Keynotes can also be scaled to a shorter presentation format (i.e., Lunch & Learn) to accommodate smaller programs and/or venues.


As a former collegiate cheerleader, Michael knows how to motivate people into action! His interactive workshops help individuals apply the theories from his books to real-world scenarios and practical applications. Workshops are based on the themes of his keynote messages and include exercises and activities to move theory into practice.

For more information about keynotes or workshops, please send your request here.

Themes for Keynotes & Workshops

Now What? Maintaining Balance During Times of Transition

A critical success factor when embracing sudden, planned, or deliberate life transitions is the ability to maintain our equilibrium and support ourselves in healthy and balanced ways. By understanding the various influences that affect our attitudes, actions, and words; and applying a three-step balance process of awareness, alignment, and activation; we can begin to gently shift our perspective and find better balance and harmony during times of change.

Target Audiences: All staff and management, work teams, general audience
Core Themes: Self-awareness, the power of discernment, critical thinking skills, life transitions, coping with change, work/life integration.

Balancing Work, Relationships & Life in Three Simple Steps

Are you seeking more balance and happiness in your life? Are there aspects of your relationships you’d like to change but don’t know how? Do you find it difficult to balance priorities between family and friends while supporting your career? Let Michael lead you through an engaging discussion about the power of our thoughts, feelings, and intuition; introduce you to a powerful, yet simple, three-step process; and help you create a plan to find better balance in your work, relationships, and life.

Target Audiences: All staff and management, work teams, general audience
Core Themes: Self-awareness, decision-making, critical thinking skills, communication, relationships, work/life integration.

The Power of Transparent Leadership

A critical component of effective leadership is learning how to manage and lead ourselves in healthy and balanced ways. Let Michael guide you through a three-step process of awareness, alignment, and activation designed to help you understand the value of knowing yourself, tapping into your personal integrity, and using that awareness to become a more transparent and authentic leader.

Target Audiences: Executives, leadership, mid-level managers
Core Themes: Self-awareness, communication, critical thinking skills, transparency, leading by example

Project Management for Life

Managing our lives can be like managing a project—there are tasks, timelines, budgets, and people involved. Like planning a project, finding more balance and harmony in life is a result of learning how to organize and simplify. Through a combination of left-brained concepts and right-brained balance steps, we can begin to find better balance and happiness by using a few basic project management principles.

Target Audiences: Executives, leadership, mid-level managers, business & technology staff
Core Themes: Self-awareness, focus, prioritization, effective communication, critical thinking skills, right/left brain utilization.


In a rut? Laid off from your job? Dissolved a relationship? Now what?

As a certified health & wellness coach, Michael has the training and experience to give clients the coaching support they need to create lasting change, especially during life transitions. Through individual and group coaching sessions, Michael’s personalized process provides you with powerful insights, simple tools, and practical wisdom you can utilize quickly for rapid results in any area of your work and life. Coaching sessions are customized and tailored for each individual or group; delivered by face-to-face, phone, Skype, or Facetime; and scheduled as single events or packaged in a series.

For more information about coaching services, please send your request here.

Partial Client List

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Boston Scientific
  • Capella University
  • Fredrickson Learning
  • Globe University
  • Hawaii Primary Care Association
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Minneapolis School of Business
  • MN Home Care Association
  • MN Rehab Association
  • Reemo Health
  • National Wellness Institute
  • Target Corporation
  • The George Washington University
  • The Lutheran Home Association
  • The Masie Center
  • Traveler’s Insurance
  • U.S. Bank


“Michael moves people and ideas forward because he truly cares about those he works with and is comfortable asking challenging but enlightening questions.”

- Jake Jones, Co-Founder, The Flamingo Effect

“Michael is a rare blend of intuitive and productive … He really ‘gets’ how people learn, both in person and online.”

- Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, Ph.D., Founder and Owner, The Text Doctor®

“Having worked with other coaches, I can speak with confidence about Michael’s gifts with imagery and contextualizing. He has done much more than give me answers; he has given me new doors to walk through.”

- Sayre Darling, Coaching Client

“Michael has helped me find my balance again.”

- Heike Peters, Sr., Project Manager, Fortune 500 Company

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