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What About Love?

What About Love?

MichaelSunnarborg / October 31, 2023 Article, Image, Link / Leave a Comment

We author books, produce films, write songs, paint murals, design jewelry, and create poetry about love—the most natural and abundant emotion in our human experience.

So why is love sometimes so accessible while other times so elusive?

Let me take a moment to answer a client’s question about this mysterious and powerful emotion.

“I’ve been in many relationships over the years, and I’m still confused about love. When you ‘fall in love’ with someone, what does that really mean? What is love anyway?”

Love is the emotion that describes your natural state of wellbeing. And when it comes to feeling love for others, there is no differentiation between being “in” and “out” of love—it’s being “in” or “out” of your personal alignment with love.

Think of love as a constant stream of wellbeing that is always flowing to you and through you. The degree to which you are in contact with his stream of love is in direct correlation to your own personal alignment with the love already within you.

When you are at peace and aligned with yourself, you will experience more love being reflected to you, and often through the eyes of another. This is when you think love is about the other person and that you are “falling in love” with them—when in reality, you are just being reminded of the love that is naturally within you.

All relationships are mirrors. When you feel love for someone, you’re feeling their appreciation of the love that’s coming from you!

“Okay. So then how do I stay in that love feeling more often? Especially when I feel scared of loving someone?”

Love is a powerful emotion—and so is fear, the opposite of love. When you are afraid, you pull your energy inward, you tense your body, and you tighten—much like holding your breath—and this causes that stream of love and wellbeing to narrow. But when you relax your heart and allow your energy to move outward—like when you release your breath and exhale—you allow the energy stream to flow freely and abundantly again.

Here’s a visual for you: When your heart is open, your energy flows, and love comes to you naturally. In contrast, when you close your heart, your energy is restricted. You cannot pour as much water down a straw as you can down a drainpipe—it just can’t happen.

The next time you’re feeling afraid, angry, confused, or lonely, take a deep breath, exhale, and imagine opening your heart. Even if you’re only able to open a little bit at a time, keep breathing and relaxing. Eventually, your heart will stay open for longer periods of time.

The secret to “falling in love” is to remember that it’s about you and the love that you are feeling. And when somebody else is in your vicinity and feels that love coming from you, it reminds them of the love that’s also inside of them.

The most important thing about love is to stay focused on yourself in a healthy and loving way. Then you will be able to “feel” instead of “fall” in love with anyone by loving yourself first.

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Love yourself,
Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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