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Everything’s Going to Be All Right

Everything’s Going to Be All Right

MichaelSunnarborg / July 16, 2022 Article, Link / Leave a Comment

This past week was one of those weeks.

You know the one where you end up stopping and reminding yourself that “everything’s going to be all right.”

Yep, that one.

It wasn’t like the week was full of any particular major life events or traumatic episodes. In fact, it was mostly a regular week (I stopped using the word “normal” since there’s no such thing…), but somehow I felt restless and antsy.

So I reminded myself that “everything’s going to be all right.” A simple phrase, yet powerful. And a gentle reminder that whatever was happening in the moment—either in my immediate environment or in my mind—would eventually pass and I’ll be back in alignment soon.

And the impact of self-soothing goes beyond words—it’s part of caring for our inner human being.

It’s okay to be low, it is part of the ebb and flow of our life experience—even when the lows last for long periods.

Tough times are periods of intense inner growth, even when we feel everything is falling apart. While we are returning to our true inner selves, the outer shell of our previous lives will crack, break, and fall away before our restored inner being can reemerge.

And that transformation takes time.

The challenge is to not forget ourselves completely in the process. Even though there is a metamorphosis underway, the caterpillar does not completely forget itself while morphing into a butterfly.

The process of transformation is natural, but not without major changes taking place. All of the internal and external changes are necessary as part of this growth and will happen more seamlessly when we release the resistance to control it simple surrender to it.

So as you practice learning how to honor the process, remember that you are loved and that you are going to get through this. And like the butterfly, you will reemerge on the other side, spread your glorious wings, and take flight once again.

Be Well,

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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