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Win a Free Signed Book!

MichaelSunnarborg / October 17, 2017 Image, Link / Leave a Comment

I am so excited to announce the release of my newest book, Bald Men Don’t Use Hairspray and Other Assumptions, and to offer you an opportunity to win a free signed book. Interested?

What others are saying about “Bald Men Don’t Use Hairspray…”

“Michael’s wisdom is so friendly, kind and approachable because he’s lived it. He shares his struggles with us and invites us to come alongside him for the journey. Do yourself a favor and read this book.” – Steve Semler, Sci-fi author & HR geek

“Bite-sized fresh perspective reflections with easy prompts to improve our lives.” – Teresa Thomas, Author of Win/Win Networking

“Michael’s mix of deep wisdom and practical tips—sprinkled liberally with humor, humility, and an infectious optimism—never fails to uplift and encourage.” – Nancy Maxfield-Wilson, Resilience & Performance Trainer, Coach, Consultant

“Meaningful, simple, actionable, and witty. Perfect wisdom for people on-the-go.” – M Alistair Green, Mentor and Spiritual Guide

*  *  *

We all have stories to share, and embedded in our stories are the teachings we take away from our unique experiences—that is, if we are paying attention. Join me as I take you on an introspective journey through my collection of favorite assumptions, insights, and life lessons gathered over the past years and documented through my online blogs.

To celebrate the October 20th release, enter to win one of 5 free signed copies on Goodreads! Enter here: http://bit.ly/2zutbSC

I hope that the benefits I’ve received from these lessons will benefit you as well. Sometimes the best way we learn is from each other.

To lifelong learning!

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