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Where’s my order?

Where’s my order?

MichaelSunnarborg / June 01, 2023 Article, Image, Link / Leave a Comment

A couple of years ago, I had an interesting dream.

I was in a fast food restaurant, had just finished placing my order, and was waiting for the counterperson to call my number.

As I was waiting, a few other numbers were called and people came up and got their food. But mine still wasn’t ready.

When I started seeing people who’d ordered after me picking up their orders, I started to get antsy.

“Where is my order…?” I thought. “How come they haven’t called my number yet?!”


After another minute—which seemed like an eternity—I’d had enough and approached the counter.

After seeing nobody around, I made an executive decision to jump over the counter and head for the double doors that led back into the kitchen.

I burst through the doors shouting, “Hey!! Where’s my order?!?”

I instantly froze in my tracks, The kitchen was enormous and filled with 50 or 60 chefs all dressed in white—complete with the white chef hats—like something you’d see in a banquet kitchen.

Everyone stopped and looked up at me.

In the dead silence, one chef spoke gently, “If you just go back out and keep waiting, we’re preparing all of this for you.”

I was stunned. I was overwhelmed. But I got it.

This was a time in my life when I’d been waiting for some very big changes to take place, but they weren’t happening. And since I’d “put in my order” with the Universe—i.e., set my intentions—I was waiting for things to come to fruition.

But apparently, I needed more patience.

I was forgetting that it wasn’t my job to “make those intentions happen”—I’d already asked for clarity and alignment, and now it was up to Divine timing to run its course.

And the best part? There was so much more than I’d ever asked for being prepared for me. It was abundance being shown to me in a way I would understand.

The dream was my reminder. When we ask for something from our deepest longing, it is answered. Every time. And maybe not exactly as we’d expected—usually even better.

But sometimes it takes longer—especially with bigger things. It’s not in our time. It’s the timing that works with everyone and everything (for all concerned).

Remember: once you ask, it will be done. When we trust that it is done, there’s nothing else for us to do but to trust, believe, and know that what we’ve ordered is coming. And when we apply this philosophy to any area of our lives, we can breathe, relax, let go, and let it happen.

Trust the process. It’s worth the wait.

You are loved,

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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