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Mom Was Right

Mom Was Right

MichaelSunnarborg / January 13, 2015 Article / Leave a Comment

Ah, the simple things. In our busy lives, the small things—like finding your keys or keeping a clean kitchen—can make a world of difference. Simple habits practiced over time can have a profound effect on your sense of balance—especially when you develop healthy and consistent habits for yourself.

As an adult, I still hear my Mom’s voice giving me practical nuggets of advice—in fact, sometimes I hear them several times a day!

Let’s admit it. Mom was right about a lot of stuff. Simple things do, indeed, add-up. Even small changes or modifications can add up to major shifts. Just think about what would’ve happened if the Titanic had started changing course just a few minutes earlier?

So let’s review some of the simple advice my Mom gave to me and my sister over the years—many things that are still good reminders today.

Simple Tips from Mom:

• Pick up after yourself
• If you can do it now, do it now
• Put things in the same place every time (i.e., your keys)
• Do the dishes and clean up right after you’re done eating
• Use reusable sticky notes reminders for the bathroom mirror or front door
• Hide a $20 in your jacket or pocket of your pants for a fun surprise
• Create a stash of healthy snacks within reach at home and work
• Add 5-10 minutes to your start time and arrive early
• Avoid “stinking thinking” and re-frame negative thoughts (i.e., could be worse!)
• Take time to stop and give thanks throughout your day
• Drop a friendly note into someone’s (or your own) lunchbox
• Focus on one thing at a time
• Be aware of the company you keep
• “Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow”
• Remind yourself, “The world needs me today!” (Thanks, Grandpa :o)

Simple, yes, but still applicable. Thank you, Yvonne, for all of the sound advice that I still practice—as best I can—to this day.

What advice do you still follow from a Mom, Dad, teacher, or friend? How many of these things help lead you to better balance and happiness in your life?

To Your Better Balance!

Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

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  1. Second time I discovered your website on Google. Great stuff.

    1. MichaelSunnarborg says:

      Wonderful! Thank you. Sign up for Balance Bits if you’d like my blog nuggets directly to your inbox: michaelsunnarborg.com/contact

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