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Favorite Things

Favorite Things

MichaelSunnarborg / February 24, 2015 Article / Leave a Comment

Last evening during the 2015 Oscars celebration, Lady Gaga sang a 50th anniversary tribute to the movie The Sound of Music, a 1965 American musical film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Thinking back to the first time I saw the stage version of that musical (which I’d actually auditioned for and didn’t get… *sigh), I remember one song that always made me smile: My Favorite Things. I liked the song because it was about remembering those things which bring us happiness. Sometimes, just thinking about our favorite things can help put us into a spirit of appreciation, which reminds us to be thankful for what we have and love.

So on a semi-regular basis (especially on those “down days“), I will start a list of my Favorite Things, and soon I will start to feel lighter… or, as Julie Andrews’ character puts it—”…then I don’t feel so bad.”

Although my most recent list doesn’t contain Raindrops on Roses or Whiskers on Kittens (listen to the song), it does contain many things that give me a lift whenever I think of them. So here’s a recent list of my 50 Favorite Things. How many of these things can you relate to?

  1. Sitting around a campfire
  2. A fresh cup of coffee
  3. Warm fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies
  4. The feeling right after good exercise: body buzzing with life and energy!
  5. Staying up late with friends talking, telling stories, and laughing until my face aches
  6. Going for a walk through freshly fallen snow while it’s still soft and sparkly
  7. The anticipation at the beginning of any game, show, or concert
  8. The holidays and that renewed feeling of appreciation
  9. Comfortable shoes
  10. Music that makes my body want to move
  11. Moments of peace and quiet
  12. Moments of loud crazy fun
  13. Prolific pontification stimulating engagement in apophenia
  14. Cool stuff that lights up
  15. One of those excellent books you can’t wait to keep reading
  16. A personal epiphany—or “light bulb moment”
  17. Bacon
  18. A new haircut
  19. The fact that I don’t know how to file my tax return, I don’t want to know how to file my tax return, and I am happy to pay someone to do it each year
  20. That my family are best friends and my best friends are family
  21. Trees
  22. Being by water, over water, under water, on the water, in the water… etc.
  23. Traveling. Anywhere. Especially places with mountains
  24. That feeling right after watching a really good film where you were transported to another world and having to adjust back to “reality” (whatever that is…)
  25. Things I don’t understand or never seen/heard/thought of before
  26. Muse driving, muse walking, muse traveling, muse (anything): just following my nose
  27. The unexpected
  28. The expected
  29. Making lists of favorite things
  30. Meeting people who change my life
  31. Freedom of choice
  32. Starting with an idea, expanding the idea, trying different approaches, revising the idea, adding more to the idea, refining the idea, review, rewrite, spell check, run past a friend for feedback, revise, edit, and then realize your final product has changed drastically and looks only remotely like your original idea, but the process was well worth it and now your idea is absolutely awesome!! (still with me…?)
  33. Playing cards and board games with my parents
  34. A blank piece of paper
  35. A new baseball cap
  36. Heights
  37. Walking through busy airports while Lisa Gerrard serenades me from my iPod
  38. Lying on my bed staring at the ceiling while Lisa Gerrard serenades me from my iPod
  39. Lisa Gerrard
  40. Remembering that we are all a version of source (God) energy in human form, and that we are creating our experience with every thought, word, and deed
  41. Making someone’s day by not doing anything but spending time with them
  42. Someone making my day by not doing anything but spending time with me
  43. Puppies
  44. When I get a check in the mail and don’t know how much it’s for
  45. When I get a check in the mail and know how much it’s for
  46. Trying something new that excites and scares me at the same time
  47. The feeling of starting a new project
  48. The feeling of completing a project
  49. Sitting and talking
  50. Sitting and listening

How about you? What are some of your Favorite Things? Try making a list and see how you feel after you read it. Perhaps you, too, will experience the feeling of alignment and happiness that comes with appreciation.

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